Transair® ProTips

Want to know how to install the Transair® piping system like the Pro's do?
mdi's new Transair® ProTips features important information and installation tips from the "Transair® Experts" to help you optimize and keep your compressed air system up to code.
Transair ProTips

Your compressed air distribution piping is your means for transporting compressed air and represents your link between supply, storage, and demand.
A properly designed and installed compressed air system typically saves a plant 20 to 50% of its electric bill.

Transair® ProTips Topics

1.) Control of Hazardous Energy: Follow Lockout/Tagout Practices
The unexpected release of stored energy (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal or other sources) in machines and equipment can result in injury or death. Employees who service or maintain machinery and other equipment are at the greatest risk from the unexpected release of hazardous energy, such as a steam valve being turned on while a worker is repairing a connection in the piping. Injuries may include electrocution, burns, crushing, laceration, or more serious injuries.

Be sure to follow all OSHA lockout/tagout guidelines to prevent accidental stored energy releases while employees are engaging or otherwise working with the machinery.

Compliance with lockout/tagout standards prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.

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Transair® Automatic Safety Couplers Training Video
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